Posted by: ath1 | September 26, 2007

Product Placement

Product placement is becoming increasingly important for media corporations and the advertising industry. As the viewers become easier to turn their attention away from commercial break during watching television series, advertisers have to depend on product placement to reach to their audiences.

While Jenkins draws examples primarily from product placements and sponsorship on television, he pretty much ignores other circumstances that product placement also takes place, such as in movies or videogames (not that they are matter in his argument anyway). In different contexts, advertisers have to alter and adapt their strategies since they aim to attract different types of customers. In further posting, I will discuss more about the similarities and differences between the strategies of product placement on the two popular media: films and videogames. However, in general, I believe that whereas film product placement focus more on the products’ appearance, the advertising products in videogames is created to have specific functions. Although different in the practice, they altogether aim to win their audiences’ favor in this game of persuasion.

And here is a great example of popular criticism against the advertising industries, specifically in this circumstance is product placement. The makers of this video clip attack intensely the practice of product placements and hence, discuss its potential issues and compelling methods of persuasion to the public. It also includes a section that discusses the movie Joise and the Pussycats, one of Dr. Harriss’s favorite movies that illustrate an inordinate degree of product placement and display the ubiquity of advertisement:

The notion of advertising criticism is reinforced by Jenkins’ proposal of audience backlash against the companies. In other words, academic scholars and researchers are no longer the only ones who recognize and are aware of the impact of advertising but rather, this perspective has been shifted to the customers as well.

As a whole, this video clip aims to persuade the public to become more aware of the manipulation from the advertising industry today through the practice of product placement. I think this video clip is an excellent material for everyone to discuss and understand better the concept and application of product placement.


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