Posted by: ath1 | September 18, 2007

Spoiling – The Internet!

I always consider the Internet as perhaps the most democratic device out there. However, Jenkins, in this chapter, points out that the ability of collective intelligence “holds a deeply totalitarian dimension” because “any spoiler can dump information out there without regard to anyone else’s preferences” (55). Furthermore, the elite groups of the Survivor Spoiler (BrainTrust) can hold information about the show and decide what to post up for others to read. This practice somewhat reflects our actual world—considering the United States government: while it emphasizes on the concept of democracy and individual rights, it undeniably possesses a strong sense of hegemony in its political application. Similar to the BrainTrust, the government holds important information which is restricted from the citizens. (Yep, Doc Harriss covered this in class and now it’s no longer my original thought… 😦 ).


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